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Migrate data from MinIO to Cloudflare r2

Moving existing s3 compatible bucket data to Cloudflare R2

Cross compile Rust binary to Linux amd64 from Mac M1

Cross compile Rust application with target x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu from Mac M1

Build Go container image with `ko`

Testing `ko` tool to build Go container image

Visualizing k6 load test results

Project load test time series VU, RPS and Response time into Graph

Action trigger another Action

Use your action to trigger another

Personal Infra Update

Moving to Kubernetes

Writing a Python module using Rust

Using Rust to implement a faster Python module and other use case.

Deploy Django App on

Deploy Django apps easily on with a free tier for testing. Steps include app preparation, Flyctl setup, Dockerfile creation, and deployment. also has deployment triggers via Github Action for flyctl.

Async and Sync Python Pub/Sub with Redis

Usually, Redis is used for caching layer, but also can be leveraged for indexing, communication, data storage, and time series patterns.

Laravel Decrypter

One of Laravel's security features is Encryption. This feature creates a convenient interface for encrypting and decrypting via OpenSSL.

Hello world

First post for my new blog