My Audio Setup: ATH IM 02

February 1, 2017

2 min read.

I’m headphones enthusiast. I have tried many headphones to enjoy listening to music, podcast, or movies. The first audio equipment I bought is Sennheiser MX150, an earbud with little noise isolation. After that I bought: ATH M50 ➟ JDS C5D ➟ Fidelio L2 ➟ Fidelio X2 ➟ ATH IM02 ➟ KZ-ATE, plus some chinese cheap earphone.

I have tried some higher-class headphones from Audio Exhibition held by IHEAC (Indonesia High End Audio Club) and some leased by my friends. In the end, I choose Fidelio X2 for work/home, ATH IM02 for portable with JDS C5D for AMP+DAC combo, considering the price and quality.

Portable Audio Equipment: Ath IM 02

Why I choose IM02 for portable audio? First it’s IEM so I can bring it when I go on a trip. Here is the picture of mine.

ath im02 with cheap but OK custom cable

IM02 has detachable cable its good point because I casually broke some of my cable. The default cable from the box is too stiff on the ear hook makes me uncomfortable. So I look for replacement cable with good price. I found it in AliExpress

For the sound signature, IM02 emphasize in vocal. You can watch review by Lachlan in this video.


  • Clean, balance and warm sound signature
  • Punchy base tone (but no resonance or rumble bass)
  • Treble detailed but rolled off (no sibilance)
  • Good noise isolation (not best)
  • Sensitive, can hear hiss based on input (player output impedance)
  • Good for listening podcast

And review by innerfidelity with frequency response; other measurement by golden ear.

Overall I’m satisfied with IM02 and it has different sound signature with Fidelio X2.