Invincible Youth ending messages

December 21, 2010

3 min read.

Oh, Youth
The new ties created, don’t require any conditions
Together sharing the sufficient condition
When you open your ‘heart’ widely, your friends will be there
We will have, new friends
If you get to live another life, that is a blessing

During the time that we were together, i was slowly influenced
Because of someone, I was influenced
That is The youth’s privilege
To whom my Color went to
Even though I keep thinking, I don’t know why my heart blushes while working
Oh, youth, Where are you now
And with whom are you, Spending your time with

To youth
In life, if you never want to fail
The only way is to never attempt to accomplish anything
Rather than being, scared of being hurt
Think what a waste it is not to attempt to accomplish something
The good thing about, youth is that you get the chance, to attempt to accomplish things

Life is like red pepper paste
For a rich taste, endless effort and love
And lots of waiting is required
Just like how it takes time, for red pepper paste to ferment , and taste like it should
You understand how precious life is after time has passed

The courage to take the first step to knock on the door to somebody’s heart
Being meticulous enough to share even the small things
Knowing what somebody wants without them saying anything
Looking at each other and smiling boardly to give each other strength
This is how friendship starts from small things

Just like how working together makes a job easier
We were able to laugh because they were with us
While holding their hands, the meaning of sweat and the meaning of the earth
We were able to find them out today
Hopefully they’ll treasure in their hearts the value of the word “together”

Those who meet must part
If you meet you must also part
Just like there is no eternal meeting, there is no eternal parting
Our memories are precious
Today’s “goodbye” is the start of another meeting
Youth’s time together will last for a long time in our hearts

Youth, sometimes throw yourself into a new environment
You’ll find something that’s small but large
Within the unfamiliarity, you’ll feel the familiar warmth that is called “connection”
And the dazzling “tomorrow” will bloom more fully than today did
The strength of “youth” is that they know they have to leave in order to stay

While in the same space
Laughing together is what we learned to do
With just a warm smile
Setting the temperatures of our hearts is what we learned to do
While being together in an unfamiliar place
We grew a span of a hand
Youth will shine more brightly thanks to
These happy moments